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            Industry application
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            1. Pulp & Paper
              The applications of Zhenying vibrating screen in the pulp and paper industry include screening adhesives, starch solution, paper coating, starch slurry; remove the pulp and other pollutants from wastewater. Many Zhenying screen machines are installed...
            2. Pharmaceuticals
              The pharmaceutical industry is the most important customer source of our latest series sieve extension. Our circular vibrating screen and airstreams sieve are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. In screening pills and capsule powder process, ...
            3. Electrostatic Spraying
              Zhenying vibrating screen can screen the granule up to 500mesh ultra-fine materials. Electrostatic spraying process is used for increasing corrosion resistance and aesthetics of metal or plastic parts and can be used as electrical insulation material...
            4. Chemicals
              Chemicals, fertilizer manufacturing industry needs screen urea mixture to reach a very high grading ability. If using the traditional method, you must use several spin vibration sieve extensions or linear sieve extensions to satisfy needs and reach t...
            5. Industry - Ceramic
              All devices of Zhenying in the ceramics industry are proved to have extremely high use value. The vibrating screen equipment and conveying equipment of Zhenying are essential to this industry. In the screening process, the strict control of particle ...
            6. non-ferrous metals and magnetic materials
              There is an increasing demand for zhenying sieving machine, with the rapid development of industrial technology, but also non-ferrous metals industry. Beside ZYD vibrating screen,we innovate ZYY and ZYC ultrasonic screen to deal with some difficult s...
            7. Plastic
              Zhenying vibrating screens are widely used in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene. For some downstream equipments like extruder and cutter-bar,rotary or linear vibrating sieve are used for removing strip, filaments and ribbon from plasti...
            8. Food & Drink
              Instant noodle manufacturers, rice cereal manufacturer, meat and other food manufacturers and other processors can improve product quality by using Zhenying screening machine to save money and improve efficiency. High quality fruit juice need to cont...
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