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          1. ZY系列XS破碎機 ZY系列XS破碎機
          2. 反擊式破碎機 反擊式破碎機
          3. 臥式混料機 臥式混料機
          4. 雙螺旋混料機 雙螺旋混料機
          5. 葉輪給料機 葉輪給料機
          6. 真空上料機 真空上料機
          7. ZTD/ZTH**斗式提升機 ZTD/ZTH**斗式提升機
          8. 繃網機 繃網機
          9. ZDP series vibrating table ZDP series vibrating table
          10. 流體廣告除鐵器 流體廣告除鐵器
          11. 管道式除鐵器 管道式除鐵器
          12. ZYJF精密搖擺篩 ZYJF精密搖擺篩
          13. 氣動振動篩 氣動振動篩
          14. ZYJS ZYJS
          15. ZYD Vibrating Screen ZYD Vibrating Screen
          16. ZYJ Vibrating Screen ZYJ Vibrating Screen
          17. ZYC Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen ZYC Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
          18. ZYZP Direct Discharge Screen ZYZP Direct Discharge Screen
          19. ZYZ Intermediate frequency vibrating screen ZYZ Intermediate frequency vibrating screen
          20. ZYG High Frequency Vibrating Screen ZYG High Frequency Vibrating Screen
          21. 公司簡介
            About Us
            Xinxiang Zhenying Mechanical Equipment CO.,Ltd is one of the professional machinery manufacturers which specializes in the production of vibrosieve, conveying equipments, and vibrating sieve as well as relevant parts.Since establishment, the company has been developing very fast . The reasons for the fast growth are due to the cooperative spirits of Zhenying people and our belief in the power of technology and innovation. Zhenying has ten engineers with good educational background, a working employees about seventy, sales force of 50 and 20 after sales employees undertaking internal and outernal business.Our products have won not only good reputation in china but also applauses by foreign clients like Korean,Indonesian,Turkey and Eurpean countries so on.So far we have achiev...

            Strength——The quality of life
            Innovative service measures
            The company has experienced technical team
            Companies adhering to the "five in one" spirit
            Perfect service system
            • Welcome clients from MalaysiaWelcome clients from...
              On 24 June, The Malaysia customers came to Xinxiang Zhenying Mechanical Co. Ltd. They are warmly welcomed to all Zhenying people.Also more welcome you to learn more about our products, our company's main product is the vibration sieve In the company, our customer know some our company’s the bac...

            Domestic Customers

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            • 伊利

            Foreign Customers

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            • 1
            Contact Us

            Contact:Network Propaganda Department Li


            Address:Xinxiang City, Henan province Frestech Da Dao Nan Duan 1018, Xinxiang science and Technology Industrial Park




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